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Doc Casey Day Press Release


For more information please contact: Stephanie Casey, Bear Country USA, Marketing Director Phone: 605-343-2290 ext 115. 


WHO: Governor Mike Rounds & Rapid City Mayor Alan Hanks have declared May 30, 2009 “Doc Casey Day.” 

WHAT: This special occasion will be marked with the unveiling of a life-like sculpture of Dennis “Doc” Casey at Bear Country U.S.A. Proclamations by the Governor & Mayor will be shared and speakers will include family and friends who knew him well.

WHEN: Saturday, May 30th, 2009 at 2:00pm (Event will last approximately one hour) 

WHERE: Bear Country U.S.A. between the gift shop and the grizzly bear display in Babyland

WHY: To honor a prominent person in the history of Rapid City and South Dakota tourism

Saturday, May 30th, 2009 will serve as an important date for Bear Country U.S.A., Doc Casey’s family and friends, as well as the tourism and business industries in Rapid City and across the state of South Dakota. A sculpture of Doc Casey will be unveiled at Bear Country U.S.A. It is a bronze sculpture created by Jim Maher of Belle Fourche, the artist who sculpted some of the presidential statues in downtown Rapid City. The sculpture is a great depiction of Doc with his Stetson hat and his patched cowboy boots. Doc’s family and friends will be present and all of the tourism industry will be invited to share in this special occasion. 

Both Mayor Alan Hanks and Governor Michael Rounds have announced the importance of the event by officially proclaiming the day “Doc Casey Day.” Mayor Alan Hanks’ proclamation reads, “Bear Country USA has existed for 37 years, entertaining tourists from all over the United States and the world. The unique drive through wild life park has played a major role in Rapid City and South Dakota tourism. It is only right and proper that as the founder of Bear Country USA “Doc” be memorialized with a life-like statue to be placed among the animals at Bear Country USA.” 

In his proclamation, Governor Rounds wrote about the many accomplishments of Doc Casey to include founding Bear Country USA in 1972 and being inducted into the South Dakota Hall of Fame during the fall of 2004. His proclamation reads, “It is fitting and proper for the Governor to join others in the recognition of Doc as he is memorialized.” 

You are invited to share this special day with us and to take footage and/or photos of the event for use in your news stories. Please contact Stephanie Casey at 605-343-2290 ext 115 to ensure your name is listed at the front gate for admission into the event. 

For more information and/or copies of proclamations, contact Stephanie Casey at 605-343-2290 ext 115 or email

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